Viappiani de Colombia.

Your partner for high-end packaging printing.

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Welcome to Viappiani de Colombia!

VIAPPIANI DE COLOMBIA’s roots date back to 1978 when it started operations as a printer for the tobacco and consumer goods industry.

The company then grew and prospered and in 2012 it was decided to create spin offs for the tobacco (Tann Colombiana) and consumer goods industry (VIAPPIANI DE COLOMBIA).

Today, VIAPPIANI DE COLOMBIA is a leading label and packaging printing specialist for the fast moving consumer goods industry.

We integrate our value-added services and leading technology into your processes in order to provide effective and high-impact solutions for your product portfolio.

We take special care of the image of your brand label through top quality and innovative materials and finishes that fulfil your brand promises and category needs.

We focus on the following product segments:

  • Self-adhesive labels
  • Shrink sleeves
  • Laminates
  • In-mould labels
  • Sachets

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Member of CTI GROUP

VIAPPIANI DE COLOMBIA is part of the international CTI GROUP, a family owned, international printing specialist, which serves the fast moving consumer goods industry with innovative and effective label and packaging solutions.

The CTI GROUP with its headquarter in Austria consists of six leading companies with plants in Austria, Spain, Italy, Argentina, Colombia, Nicaragua and the Dominican Republic which work together closely and exchange information regarding technologies, materials and innovations.

Its product portfolio ranges from self-adhesive labels, flexible packaging and in-mould labels, to premium cardboard packaging, which also includes product group related specialities.

In its field, the CTI GROUP numbers amongst the European and Latin American market leaders and supplies both top companies in local markets and multinational corporations.